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“Having a clear goal in mind is a great ​beginning, but without adaptable ​strategies and tactics, you rely solely ​on hope and luck.

our role is to pave a clearer path from ​your current position to where you ​aspire to be.”

“Having a clear goal in mind is a great ​beginning, but without adaptable ​strategies and tactics, you rely solely ​on hope and luck.

our role is to pave a clearer path from ​your current position to where you ​aspire to be.”

Ts Daniel Doughty FCILT, APR

Founder, Lead Strategist

Ts Daniel Doughty FCILT, APR

Founder, Lead Strategist

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"Once upon a time..."

Established in the magical year of 2018, North Gate ​Consulting has blossomed into a humble yet mighty force ​specializing in Logistics, Strategy, and PR, nestled in the ​vibrant heart of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, on the Malaysian ​Borneo.

Fast forward to 2021, this squad of savvy minds gained a gold ​star for their masterful strategic wizardry with an Economic ​Sector Coalition dream team, sparking a turbocharged ​makeover in a once-wobbly public policy realm.

With a dream team of top-notch consultants at the helm, ​North Gate Consulting is your ticket to strategic success, ​guiding you through the maze towards your goals with ​finesse.

Picture North Gate as a fortress of wisdom, crafting strategic ​masterplans to turn your dreams into reality. Wrapped in ​mystery and expertise, they are the go-to pals for a mix of ​clients, from Public-Listed Companies, NGO’s, SMEs to ​political grouping, all the way to individuals looking to make a ​splash in the world.

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Ts Daniel Doughty FCILT, APR

Founder, Lead Strategist


Daniel Doughty is a Technologist and a Chartered Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport ​Malaysia. He is also an Accredited Public Relations professional. With a strong reputation for his skills in strategy, ​logistics, and public relations. Grew up with dyslexia, he learned and sees it as an advantage to offer a unique ​perspective on problem solving & business challenges. WWF Malaysia described him as "a well-rounded analytical ​professional," highlighting his ability to grasp and adapt to evolving environments.

Daniel's diverse background spans industries such as tourism, conservation, blockchain technology, logistics, oil ​and gas, ship to ship, and entrepreneurship. Currently, he holds key positions including Chairman of the Labuan ​Chamber of Commerce, East Malaysia Bureau Chief of Public Relation Practitioners of Malaysia (PRactitioners), and ​Chairman of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Sabah. Through CILTM Sabah Section, he serves as ​council member in Sabah Logistics Councils. He also serves as the industry Partner & Panel Member at Labuan ​Faculty of International Financial, Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Labuan (UMSKAL) and Faculty of Business, Economics ​& Accountancy, Universiti Malaysia Sabah.

As the founder of North Gate Consulting, a Strategy, Logistics & PR consulting firm, Daniel is also the Founder of ​Borneo Conservancy, a Social Enterprise focusing on Marine and Shark Conservation. Throughout his career, he has ​taken on various C-Suites & leadership roles, such as serving as a former board member of Asia Supply Base in ​Labuan and the Labuan Port Authority, as well as foreign and local organization.

His contributions and past roles includes Sustainable Ecotourism Specialist for the International Center for Living ​Aquatic Resources Management (WorldFish), Senior Programme Officer at WWF-Malaysia, Chairman of the Sabah ​Tourist Guide Association, VP of the Sabah Environmental Protection Association, Chapter Manager of Google ​Business Group, and Co Founder of SteempXP, a Blockchain Community on steem blockchain in SEA. In 2018, ​Daniel was honored as one of the 30 inspiring individuals in Sabah and had his portrait displayed on a pillar in Kota ​Kinabalu City as part of the Pillar of Sabah project.

In September 2022, he was recognized as a member of a prestigious British Publishing House and featured in the ​Successful People in Malaysia publication.


R.​Uday Kumar

Lead Consultant (Marine Insurance & Surveys)

R. Uday Kumar started his career in the Marine Claims Insurance Department and continued his second career as a ​Marine Surveyor for Cargo and Hull & Machinery Breakdown Claims and was closely working with Maritime ​Solicitors in Malaysia and Singapore in the field of interpretation of policy liability and legal implication on ​incidents under governing laws of the state statutory regulations. He acquired 40 years of experience as Maritime ​Loss Adjuster and Surveyor for Insurance Companies and Maritime Lawyers. He was also involved in Investigation ​of a number of Maritime Casualties & Catastrophic Losses like Collision at Sea, Vessels Sunk with Cargo, Hijack of ​Avionics Cargo by Pirates, Fire On Board, Vessel Scuttled/Stranded, Vessel Grounded /Partially Submerged and ​Salvage Surveys.

His areas of operation apart from Peninsular Malaysia, he is also well exposed in Sabah & Sarawak Waters ​Indonesia, the Philippines and in Iran. He has also represented for the corresponding lawyers of P&I Clubs in ​Singapore and Malaysia, especially on casualty interviews and follow up investigations. Presently he is still ​successfully engaged in such above casualties and investigation and assisting some experienced maritime ​solicitors and consultants for Project & Claims Management in Marine Transportation / Total Logistics especially ​on Towage and Heavy Equipment Movement. Currently with wide experience and much practical knowledge in ​claims.

On risk improvement , he is presently and largely involved in recommendation of Marine Insurance Warranty ​Surveys, Vessel Condition Inspection & Post Maintenance Survey especially for Class Vessels and Unclassed ​Vessels, Yachts & Ferries and Vessels under Flag State Control & Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) on ​Stability in General. Recommendations on some underwriting wordings for improvisation and additional ​implications on warranties after follow up of casualty claims.

Dr​ James Alin

Lead Consultant (Economist)

James Alin, Ph.D., an esteemed economist, graduated from Yokohama National University in Japan with a doctorate ​in Economics. Since 2003, he has been a cornerstone of the Faculty of Business, Economics, and Accountancy at ​the University Malaysia Sabah. His academic contributions are vast, primarily focusing on the economics of wildlife ​and natural conservation, energy, economic growth, logistic economics, seaweed economics, and labor issues, as ​evidenced by his numerous journal publications.

Beyond academia, Dr. Alin holds influential positions externally, serving as an Adjunct Professor and Senior ​Research Fellow at the Center for Local Government, University of New England Business School in Australia, as ​well as a Senior Research Fellow and Adjunct Professor at the Center for Strategic Policy and Governance, Palawan ​State University in the Philippines. Additionally, he extends his expertise as an Adjunct Professor at Universitas ​Diponegoro in the Republic of Indonesia.

Dr. Alin's impact transcends traditional academic boundaries; he is a prolific writer, contributing to local ​newspapers, internet news portals, and actively engaging with audiences on social media platforms. His ​multifaceted approach to knowledge dissemination underscores his commitment to advancing economic discourse ​and promoting sustainable development across borders

Mohd Faiz Hakim B. Hj. Husain FCILT

Lead Consultant

Mohd Faiz Hakim B. Hj. Husain FCILT is a distinguished Chartered Fellow at The Chartered Institute of Logistics & ​Transport, recognized for his authoritative leadership in the logistics and maritime sectors. With an extensive ​career spanning over two decades in port and terminal operations, he has made significant contributions to ​maritime operations, logistics, and strategic business development.

Throughout his career, Faiz has achieved notable success in corporate strategy, stakeholder engagement, and ​customer relations. His deep expertise encompasses freight and logistics management, port and terminal ​operations, and the implementation of sustainable business practices.

His global influence is evidenced by his previous role as the chairman of the International Business Forum (IBF), his ​foundational involvement as the Secretary General at the Global Freight Network (GFN), and his active ​participation as a council member of the Federation of Malaysian Freight Forwarders (FMFF). Additionally, he ​serves as the acting president of the Persatuan Pengusaha Logistics Bumiputera (PPLB).

Faiz's dedication to fostering industry growth is further highlighted by his advisory positions on the industry ​boards of UNIKL MITEC and Open University Malaysia. He holds a Master of Science in Supply Chain Management ​from MISI University and a Postgraduate Professional Diploma in Ports & Logistics from Cambridge University. ​Through his continued leadership and expertise, Faiz plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of global supply ​chain management

Ts Mohd Faizal Bin Malik CMILT

Lead Consultant

(Aviation & Change Management)

Ts Mohd Faizal bin Malik is a distinguished professional with an illustrious career that spans more than twenty ​years, deeply rooted in the aviation and construction sectors. Residing in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, he is ​celebrated for his exemplary leadership qualities and his adeptness in guiding both projects and teams to achieve ​unparalleled levels of success.

As a Professional Technologist specialized in Construction and Building, and a Chartered Member of Logistics & ​Transport Malaysia, Ts Faizal embodies the pinnacle of professional achievement and expertise in his field.

His career trajectory is highlighted by numerous accomplishments in the realms of project management, ​operational enhancement, and strategic implementation. Ts Faizal has adeptly led diverse teams, overseen high-​stakes projects, and made substantial contributions to increasing operational efficiency and profitability in every ​position he has held. His proficiency encompasses vital facets of business development, including strategic ​marketing efforts that bolster brand recognition and foster revenue growth.

Ts Faizal's outstanding performance in enhancing operational efficiencies is complemented by his multilingual ​fluency in English, Malay, Tagalog, and Mandarin, facilitating effective communication across various cultural ​teams. His vision is centered on fostering dynamic, innovative enterprises equipped to navigate the challenges of ​the future with agility and foresight.

His academic credentials are as commendable as his professional achievements, holding a Bachelor of Business ​Administration (Hons) from the University of Malaya and a Postgraduate Diploma in Airport Management & Airport ​Planning from the National University of Singapore & B.Us (Hons), University of Malaya Ts Faizal's contributions to ​enhancing airport safety and operations have been recognized with prestigious awards, including the accolade for ​Best Airport Operation and Finance in 2006.

This encapsulation of Ts Mohd Faizal bin Malik’s career and accomplishments reflects not only his dedication and ​prowess in his professional endeavors but also underscores his significant impact on the industries he serves

Muhammad Hafiz Azani

Lead Consultant

Marine Engineering & STS Operation )

Muhammad Hafiz Azani is a distinguished Marine Engineer, known for his technical expertise in LNG handling and ​transfer systems. His work spans the globe, showcasing a deep understanding of cryogenic machinery, superior ​project management capabilities, and expert orchestration of complex marine operations.

A proud alumnus of South Tyneside College, Tyne and Wear, UK, Hafiz graduated with a Higher National Diploma in ​Marine Engineering. His educational journey laid the groundwork for acquiring prestigious certifications, including ​Chief Engineer Officer for 3000KW (steam) and a 4th Class COC (steam), which bolster his credentials in the ​marine engineering realm.

Hafiz has an outstanding reputation for his leadership in LNG Ship-to-Ship (STS) transfer operations, where he ​upholds stringent standards of maintenance, management, and logistics to ensure operational excellence. His ​project management prowess is demonstrated through his leadership of complex projects that adhere to the ​highest safety and efficiency standards in LNG transfers. He is particularly skilled in developing strategic ​documents and frameworks that elevate operational efficiency and enhance client engagement.

Beyond his technical expertise, Hafiz is committed to promoting a culture of safety and innovation within marine ​engineering. His strategic foresight and technical acumen have established him as a thought leader in the field, ​renowned for seamlessly integrating advanced technologies and modern methodologies into effective, real-world ​applications.

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